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From California Here they Come – Nowadays Nuggets Roll Nationally

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Having gained a dedicated fan base with its initial product launch in California, Nowadays, a plant-based foods company based in San Francisco, is expanding the distribution of faux chicken nuggets across the United States via direct shipping and availability on select restaurant menus.

Nowadays says that its proprietary technology allows for the production of nuggets that closely mimic real chicken’s taste and texture, using just seven plant-based ingredients, including non-GMO yellow pea protein grown sustainably by US farmers; whole wheat flour for the crunchy breading; organic cold-pressed sunflower oil for the fried, crispiness and golden color; plant-based fiber for texture; and extracts of both yeast and mushroom for a rich, meat-like umami flavor. 

While many animal- and plant-based nugget producers rely on binders, thickeners or other additives to hold ingredients together and create a meaty or meat-like texture, Nowadays’ technology and recipe naturally combines simple ingredients without the use of additives.

Its nuggets serve up 13 grams of protein with only just 120 calories, no saturated fat, and only 140mg of sodium per serving, resulting in a significantly favorable nutritional profile versus both leading organic and natural nugget brands and other plant-based nugget labels currently on the market. Additionally, Nowadays can apply this technology to other cuts of faux meat, with new products launching by Q1 of 2022.

“Plant-based meat has huge potential to improve human and planetary health. Yet, when you look at the ingredients and nutritional profiles for many of these products, similar to their conventional meat counterparts, there’s a lot of room for improvement,” said Nowadays Co-founder and CEO Max Elder. We don’t think food has to damage your body or the planet in order to be delicious. That’s why we’re creating healthier, simple ingredient meat alternatives that don’t compromise on taste or texture. We believe this combination is critical to accelerating widespread adoption of plant-based meats, and making our food system healthier and more sustainable.”

Baked from frozen until crispy and ready in about 15 minutes, Nowadays nuggets are promoted as “a convenient meal for everyone – from busy parents and their kids, to those looking for a healthier, flavorful, snack served simply alongside your favorite sauce, or as a versatile ingredient in a diversity of dishes.”