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From Mediterranean Cuisine and “Vegetable Ideas” To Chicken Nuggets and Dippers, Iglo Dishes it Out

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New products from Hamburg, Germany-headquartered Iglo reflect two major trends in today’s frozen food market: Mediterranean foods and informal dining. It has added a new “Mediterranean Dishes” line, with three products, to its “Vegetable Ideas” assortment; included a “Mediterranean Sauce” version in its premium Feinschmecker assortment, and introduced two chicken products, Nuggets and Dippers, as part of a campaign to bring “fun, spontaneity and freedom from convention” to the table.

The Chicken Dippers are promoted by a jolly chameleon named Carlchen, who ought to appeal to the children at whom the product is primarily aimed. Carlchen’s Dippers, with a crispy crust, are made from mildly seasoned marinated breast meat, and, according to Marketing Development & Communication Manager Nina Engelbrecht, are “the perfect link between uncomplicated, balanced nutrition and the proper fun factor.” There are directions on the package for sauces and other dishes that go with the Dippers.

As another part of the campaign Iglo is promoting a “Family Saturday,” calling for a day of fun and conviviality instead of the usual hectic day.
“Part of this is a tasty meal that can be prepared without a lot of effort, leaving lots of time for family togetherness,” said Marketing Manager Engelbrecht. “The Iglo Chicken Nuggets are ideal for this.” The plain, Cheese and Western Style Nuggets, made from marinated breast meat, please both kids and parents, and are quickly prepared with little fat in the oven or pan.

A recent Nielsen survey showed that 28.3% of the frozen vegetable pans sold, nearly a third, are Mediterranean-oriented. In response to this Iglo has added three “Mittelmeer Küche” products to its “Vegetable Ideas” assortment. They are Sicilia, with grilled eggplant, zucchini, potato sticks, paprika, basil and parsley; Toscana, with baked potato, zucchini, paprika, rosemary and thyme, and Provence, with potato slices, paprika, green beans and fine spices.

Still another vegetable dish among the new Iglo offerings is Leaf Spinach with Feta. When this sheep cheese and tomatoes are added to the spinach, it is easily portioned and combines well with pasta.
Iglo’s premium Feischmecker (Gourmet) assortment, introduced in 2012, includes, among others, Wild Salmon à la Toskana and Juicy Oven Filets With Mediterranean Sauce. The newest Feinschmecker entry, available only for a limited time, is Wild Salmon in a Golden Crunchy Coating, with a wild onion-cream filling.

If the Feinschmecker assortment is a new addition to Iglo’s fish offerings, the fish stick is a very old one. It was in 1959 that the company introduced this very successful product to Germany. Now the company has redesigned the package for the fish sticks. In addition to a modern design, with an appetizing picture of the product, it has additional information on the back – a tracking code along with preparation suggestions and the values of components.