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Froneri Adds Value to Cones Sector with Expansion of Extrȇme Range

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Froneri has expanded on its range of indulgent Extrȇme cones with the introduction of a Brownies & Cream flavor, bringing a different premium experience to the UK ice cream cone sector with a succession of smooth cream and rich chocolate ice creams, contrasting textures of chewy brownie pieces and a gooey brownie core.

The new product joins an already popular range that delivers an indulgent taste sensation with premium flavors, tastes and varying textures including Salted Caramel and White Chocolate, Gooey Chocolate Fudge, and Raspberry Sorbet and Double Cream. The latest addition is the only cone in the range on that offers a gooey core throughout.

Taking price in providing unexpected indulgence with its range of products, the makers of Extrȇme continue to grow market share. It accounts for 17% of branded cone sales, with the Extrȇme brand now worth £9.4 million.

“Extrȇme continues to thrive thanks to the innovative combination of flavors and textures which allow us to drive satisfaction from the first lick to the last bite,” said Brunhilde van Antwerp, UK head of marketing at Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire, England-headquartered Froneri.

The Extrȇme Brownies and Cream Cone offering is now available in a multipack of four with an RRP of £3 at supermarkets and other retail grocery stores across Britain.