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Frozen Line of Viida Latin American Food Targets Home Delivery Sector

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The founders of Areppas restaurants in New York City are expanding availability of authentic Latin American finger foods and meals in frozen form under the Viida label that is distributed to the home market.

“You’re not going to find better frozen Latin American foods anywhere else,” said owner Celestino Diaz. “Each of our offerings is created in-house at our New York-based restaurants in the morning and shipped at night, so there is no need for preservatives or anything artificial to be added.”

Signature products such as Cheese Tequeños ($12.99), featuring white cheese wrapped in pastry dough, and can be prepared in home kitchens by baking or frying. Each package contains 12 pieces that are suitable to serve as a snack or side dish for any meal. Empanadas ($10.99-$11.99) options are shredded beef, white cheese, and shredded chicken. 

The Original Arepa ($10.99) is created using three simple ingredients (corn flour, water and salt) and can be eaten plain or with cheese, various meats, avocado or other accompaniments. Viida also offers an Arepa Verde ($11.99), which is made with cilantro, parsley, lime, and masa harina. 

Diaz was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and came to the USA in 2004 with his family in order to escape South American country’s socioeconomic hardships and political chaos. With his wife, Brooke Carrie Hil, Diaz set out to create a restaurant that would pay homage to his background. Because of their drive, Areppas has grown into a number of popular fast-casual eateries in Manhattan, as well as a provider of home delivered products and an online store for authentic Latin American cuisine.

The Areppas restaurant in New York City’s Flatiron/Gramercy district in located on East 23rd Street.