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Goodfella’s and San Marco’s Pizza Rise to the Occasions

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Green Isle Foods frozen pizza products have been on a roll in recent awards competitions in Germany, triumphantly taking top prizes at two major events.

The Kildare, Ireland-based company’s Goodfella’s Doner Kebab Pizza won an Anuga 2017 Great Taste Award at Europe’s largest food show in Köln earlier this month, after having already received an Innovation Award at Gulfoods in Dubai during February. The halal-certified offering targets consumers who are looking for pizza with an ethnic twist.

The fusion product combines the taste of a traditional pizza with flavors originating from the Middle East. Its stone baked thin dough base, layered with tomato sauce infused with spices, is topped with mozzarella cheese, beef kebab slices, diced tomatoes and green peppers with a garlic drizzle and harissa crumb.

Meanwhile, Green Isle’s San Marco pizza and frozen bread products were awarded five prizes by the Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft (German Agriculture Society) in September. San Marco Sweet Chocolate Pizza, Gluten Free Margherita, Gluten Free Speciale and Garlic Bread offerings earned gold medals, while the San Marco Gluten Free Vegetale rated a silver award.

The brand’s gluten- and lactose-free range was developed after conducting extensive research with gluten intolerant people and gluten avoiders. The 349-gram Speciale is topped with tomato sauce, semi-hard ripened cheese, gluten-free pepperoni and ham, and sliced mushrooms, while the 328-gram Margherita features a blend of tomato sauce and semi-hard ripened cheese. The 365-gtram Vegetale is heaped with char-grilled courgettes, red and yellow peppers, red onion, spinach and sundried tomato pesto.

The “DLG Award Winner” label is issued to foods that satisfy the Frankfurt-headquartered society’s stringent quality criteria and sensory testing evaluations – meaning only products of above-average quality are recognized.

DLG Prize Winners

“We are delighted to win these prestigious awards in Germany, and they will be featured on packs shortly,” said Robert Cooper, head of exports. “This reflects Green Isle Foods commitment to producing award winning pizza on a global stage. From new product development through to technical support, ingredient sourcing and manufacturing, we have achieved the highest accolades in the food industry by meeting consumer demands and developing products that they savor and enjoy.”

About the Company

In addition to Goodfella’s and San Marco pizza, Green Isle Foods offers frozen fish dishes, pastry, vegetable and potato products under brand names including Donegal Catch and Green Isle. The 2 Sisters Food Group member also produces a broad range of private label items for retailers, which are sold across the globe. The company employs approximately 680 people at manufacturing facilities in Kildare, Longford, Sligo and Galway, Ireland.