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Goodfella’s Lists Three New Pizza Selections at Iceland Stores in UK

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Goodfella’s is expanding its portfolio with the debut of three additional HFSS-compliant frozen pizza products in the United Kingdom, as the brand looks to add variety to the deep-pan and thin crust segments.

The new Stonebaked Thin Sloppy Joe Pizza combines two classic American dishes into one, providing a twist to tap into shopper demand for indulgent pizza. Launching exclusively at Iceland stores in April before rolling out more widely later this year, the product plays into Goodfellas’ Italian-American heritage with authentic Italian-style tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy minced beef and diced green peppers on a stone baked thin pizza base.

“As a major player in the UK’s frozen pizza category with 19.5% value share [Nielsen figures from February 26, 2022], we’re committed to leading the way with innovation that continues to deliver great tasting, quick and simple meal solutions for consumers,” said Nicola Bates, senior brand manager at Goodfella’s. “We’ve carefully developed our latest recipes to provide retailers with HFSS-compliant options of shopper’s favorite toppings as well add exciting new variants that will grow the category even further.”

The Nomad Foods brand is also rolling out a new Stonebaked Mushroom, Spinach and Garlic pizza. Having undertaken extensive qualitative and quantitative research, the launch looks to tap into demand for vegetarian option pizzas, which was voted as the number one topping of choice in an Omnibus survey. During testing, the NPD has outperformed a leading branded competitor mushroom pizza when evaluated directly, scoring significantly better versus competitors across appearance, overall liking and flavor.

Goodfella’s has also recently introduced a Deep Pan Chicken Sizzler Pizza exclusively into Iceland, with the ambition to continue outperforming the segment. With Goodfella’s leading the deep pan segment in Iceland across a 52- and 12-week read by Nielsen, the Deep Pan Chicken Sizzler should also appeal to shoppers looking for a spicy offering. Toppings giving it an extra kick include Cajun marinated chicken, spicy drizzle and roquito peppers.

Lastly, building on the strong success of Pizza Pockets at Iceland, which accounts for a third of the products’ value, Goodfella’s will also be launching a Mini Pizza Range into its stores. Ready in 11 minutes and portioned appropriately for lunchtime or snacking, the Minis are high-quality, tasty solutions to smaller mealtime needs.