Hash Browns Sizzle as Versatile Breakfast and Brunch Menu Pleasers

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Breakfast and brunch are very important meals of the day to consumers in Britain. With early and late morning meal options evolving over the last few years, and competition in the sector intense, it has become increasingly important for catering operators in the UK to offer a varied and on-trend AM menu that serves up value for money.

The latest data from Lumina Intelligence’s Eating and Drinking Out Panel (EDOP) shows that consumers are prioritizing value for money when eating and drinking away from home. Satisfying this expectation very often drives the decision making process in choosing a restaurant or other foodservice outlet where one eats breakfast as well as lunch, as diners prioritize affordability when on the go.

The ongoing challenges in the market make it essential for operators to focus on meeting consumer demands for value for money and providing an experience that meets changing needs.

Lumina Intelligence reports £9.28 was the average spend per visit for breakfast was up by 17% during the week ending November 27, 2022, with morning meals accounting for a 6.3% day part share of total visits, which was slightly up. Breakfast consumer value of £595 million showed a 21% increase and an average spend change of 17%, compared to the previous quarter. Consumer value in the catering sectors reflected a 26% increase compared to the previous quarter, with an average spend change of 29%.

In Triangle, Round or Oval Form, Hash Browns Shape Up Nicely

Frozen value-added potato products specialist Lamb Weston has long promoted Hash Browns as breakfast and brunch menu pleasers that are easy to prepare and serve. The finely grated spuds seasoned with onion and herbs come in range of sizes to nicely complement other breakfast meal components, making them flexible to offer in many breakfast dishes including egg omelettes and bangers and beans. With a consistent shape and golden-brown color, they have slightly darkened edges to project for a natural, more hand-made appearance. Crisp on the outside with a light texture on the inside, the entire range can be quickly fried or oven cooked from frozen. And they are all gluten-free.