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Hot Diggity! Papa John’s Rolls Out American Hot Dog Pizza in Korea

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Yippie Yi Yo ! The Papa John’s franchise has let the dogs out in South Korea with the debut of American Hot Dog Pizza at select outlets. Woof Woof!

Selling for 10,000 won, or about US $8.50, the product is available for a limited time. It features a full-length, uncut wiener atop each slice of the eight-piece pizza, along with mozzarella cheese, chili salsa sauce, cheddar potato mousseline, onions, Dijon mustard sauce, pickle relish and parsley.

While apparently a hot new concept in Korea, the hund has around the frozen pizza track for some time in Europe, with Dr. Oetker successfully unleashing Culinaria American Hot Dog Style pizza in retail stores almost a decade ago in Germany. Oetker’s American Style Guseppe Hot Dog Pizza has also been well received in a number of export markets, including Italy.



Meanwhile, on the contemporary pizza takeout scene in the United Kingdom, Domino’s recently debuted New York Hot Dog Pizza boasting double dog portions, red onions, mustard and mayonnaise. It was offered for a limited time at £14.99 for a small pie and £16.99 for a large one.

On the restaurant front in the USA, Pizza Hut rose to the occasion back in 2015 with Hot Dog Bites Pizza featuring 26 dough-wrapped mini franks (also known as pigs in a blanket) surrounding a pepperoni and cheese pizza accented with mustard dipping sauce.