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Hot Ones Heats Up Retail Freezer Section with Spicy Chicken Strips

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The First We Feast YouTube channel is offering viewers a savory way to indulge in the show with brand new spicy chicken strips. Partnering with John Soules Foods and FoodStory Brands, Hot Ones is debuting spicy chicken strips breaded with proprietary seasonings that match the Hot Ones sauces popularized by the online channel.

Now available in the freezer aisles of Kroger stores throughout the United States are Hot Ones Spicy Garlic and Smoky Habanero Chicken Strips, which respectively match the Classic Garlic Fresno and the Los Calientes Rojo sauces.

“We can’t wait for fans to take a bite. They have loved saucing their chicken with our famous hot sauces, but now we’re delivering the experience directly on the chicken strip in one convenient package,” said Chris Schonberger, creator and general manager of First We Feast.

“We are proud to be expanding our partnership with Hot Ones, building on the success we’ve enjoyed together in bringing the incredible flavors of the Hot Ones show to life,” said John Soules Foods CEO John Soules Jr.  “We took great care to provide a crave-worthy food experience by bringing together authentic Hot Ones heat and flavor with perfectly crispy, whole chicken breast strips.”

About the Collaborative Effort

Founded in 2012, First We Feast views food as an illuminating lens into pop culture, music, travel and more through its innovative slate of food-driven video franchises. Part of New York-based Complex Networks, the YouTube channel is home to The Burger Show, Feast Mansion, Tacos Con Todo, Gochi Gang and Coneheads, in addition to Hot Ones. The subscriber base is 12-million strong.

John Soules Foods, maker of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook chicken and beef products, is ranked as the #1 producer of chicken and beef fajitas in the USA. Established in 1975, the company is now in its second generation of family leadership and remains headquartered in Tyler, Texas, with additional facilities in Gainesville, Georgia, and Valley, Alabama.

FoodStory Brands, founded in 2015, is a family-owned, led and operated consumer packaged goods company based in Phoenix, Arizona with regional satellite offices across the country. It specializes in building brands, prime sourcing, product development, and offering speed-to-market solutions for retail partners.