Iceland Chain Salutes UK Military and Emergency Service Workers

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British frozen food retail specialist Iceland is offering 20% discounts on all purchases made at its more than 900 stores to members of the United Kingdom armed forces as well as police, fire, ambulance service, NHS, Mountain Rescue, Coast Guard and RNLI personnel during the week of October 14-21.

“Like everyone else, I am in awe of the amazing work undertaken by our emergency services and armed forces each and every day of the year. They are the people we all rely on when the going get too tough for the rest of us. So we’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all those whose work is dedicated to saving and protecting the lives of others,” said Sir Malcolm Walker, the grocery chain’s founder, chairman and chief executive officer.

The 20% discount is available throughout the eight-day period at any Iceland or The Food Warehouse store. All that military and emergency service shoppers need to do is show either valid identification or a Blue Light card at the checkout counter.

The Deeside, Wales-headquartered supermarket operator has been a champion of frozen food retailing since the company opened for business in Oswestry, Shropshire back in 1970.  Its ongoing, consumer-targeted “Power of Frozen” marketing campaign positively portrays the sector in many positive ways, one of which is spelled out below:

“Freezing is Nature’s pause button: an entirely natural process that allows us to capture products in their peak condition as soon as they are picked, caught or made. Freezing locks in the nutrients which produce begins to lose when it is harvested. Academic studies have demonstrated that frozen fruit and vegetables typically contain more vitamins and anti-oxidants than ‘fresh’ ones that have spent days in the supply chain. Frozen fish really is fresher than ‘fresh’ fish that has either spent days making its way to the supermarket or, more typically, has been frozen at sea and then defrosted for sale as ‘fresh’ at a premium price. Rapid commercial blast freezing produces a vastly superior result to anything consumers can achieve by freezing fresh products at home, hence the much longer shelf life it can offer.”