Iceland Moves to Carton Board Packaging for Own Label Ice Cream

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The Iceland Foods retail chain in the United Kingdom is introducing Seda carton board packaging for its Made in Italy private label ice cream range. This will result in the usage of 92% less plastic compared to previous packaging, yielding an expected reduction of 84.5 tons of plastic per annum.

The new packaging is being launched across five flavors: Italiano Vanilla, Italiano Caramel Swirl, Italiano Mint Chocolate Chip, Italiano Triple Chocolate, Italiano Strawberries & Cream.

“Reducing our plastic footprint continues to remain a high priority as we redevelop our own-label packaging,” said Managing Director Richard Walker. “Our team of experts and suppliers are developing innovations that are leading the way in our industry.”

He added: “Despite the challenges we have faced reducing our plastic packaging, we are still showing other businesses that it is possible to significantly reduce plastic packaging across products that were once covered in the material. This is a long journey and we are still striving towards a future without the heavy reliance on plastic.”