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Impossible Foods Rolls with Range of Frozen Plant-based Ready Meal Bowls

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Redwood City, California-based Impossible Foods has launched a line of eight single-serve plant-based Impossible Bowls now available in retail store frozen food aisles across the United States Mimicking the flavor and texture of beef, chicken and beef, the faux meat product offerings are described as follows:

• Sweet & Sour Impossible Pork, featuring Impossible Pork, peas and carrots glazed with sweet and sour sauce, served over white rice.

• Teriyaki Impossible Chicken with diced pineapple, peas and carrots tossed in a tangy teriyaki glaze over white rice.

• Chili Mac with Impossible Pork with elbow macaroni accented with and a hearty chili-style sauce.

• Barbeque Impossible Pork, paired with savory baked beans and red potatoes.

• Spaghetti & Impossible Meatballs, featuring a blend of Impossible Beef and Pork, tossed with a classic marinara sauce.

• Pasta Bolognese with Impossible Beef & Pork is paired with Rotini pasta topped with bolognese sauce.

• Burrito Bowl with Impossible Beef boasts Mexican-style rice and beans mixed with a zesty salsa verde, topped with crispy corn tortilla strips.

• Spicy Enchilada Bowl with Impossible Chicken is accompanied by Spanish-style rice, beans and bell peppers, mixed with red enchilada sauce and topped corn tortilla strips.

“Convenience and accessibility are a huge part of this,” said Peter McGuinness, CEO of Impossible Foods. “This is a major milestone that we’re proud of and hope will push the category forward in a meaningful way.”

Each 9 oz. Impossible Bowl is packed with 10 to 13 grams of protein, 3 grams or less of saturated fat, and zero cholesterol and trans fat.

The latest frozen meals are the second retail product debut from Impossible Foods in the past two weeks, coming on the heels of Impossible Chicken Patties that began rolling out in August. Earlier this year, the company introduced frozen Impossible Sausage Patties and Impossible Wild Nuggies, in addition to Impossible Sausage Links.