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Imuraya Expands Presence in USA with Debut of Castella Sponge Cake

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Irvine, California-based Imuraya USA is has introduced Castella traditional Japanese desserts to the American market. Four flavors of the fluffy, baked sponge cake specialty are now available in the frozen food departments of Ranch 99 Market and H Mart grocery stores.

Castella is a wagashi confectionery that was initially popularized in Japan during the Nanban trade period in the mid-1500s, when Portuguese merchants introduced Pão de Castela bread to the Pacific island nation. Over the centuries the product evolved as a cake specialty of Nagasaki.

Featured flavors offered by Imuraya USA, all free of oils and additives, are:

•Original Castella. A moist and fluffy light treat with just a hint of sweetness, it is promoted as ideal alongside tea or coffee for a delectable pick-me-up!

•Matcha. Aromatic finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves have been added to Original Castella for a traditional Japanese pairing. This dessert goes well with a bold green tea.

•Chocolate. Slightly sweet with just a touch of cocoa, the Original Castella cake is laced with chocolate to deepen the flavor. It goes well with a glass of milk.

•Cheese. This tangy dessert’s sweet cheese presence makes for an agreeable light treat pairing with coffee.

About the Producer

Established in 1896 in Japan, Imuraya is known best for their azuki products. It offers a wide variety of desserts ranging from the popular Azuki Bar (red bean popsicle) to Vegan Frozen Mochi Coconut Dessert.