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Ioniki Introduces Filosophy Mini Cypriot Halloumi Spirals in Europe

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Filosophy brand Mini Cypriot Halloumi Spirals in 450-gram retail packs have been rolled out by Thessaloniki, Greece-headquartered Ioniki Spoliata S.A. Complemented with extra virgin olive oil, the frozen product features crispy filo dough adorned with whole pieces of authentic Cyprus Halloumi whey cheese. The infusion of Greek herbs, including oregano, enhances the overall sensory experience.

According to a statement from Ioniki: “Mini Cypriot Halloumi Spirals encapsulate the essence of Mediterranean culinary excellence, offering a delightful and convenient gastronomic experience.”

Founded in 1991, Ioniki offers more than 400 frozen products that include puff pastry to Thessaloniki bougatsa pie, vegan pizza, plant-based pies, Kihi pies, croissants, handmade dough, pizzas, Koulouri Thessaloniki’s (bread rings and sticks), stuffed bagels and pastry sheets.