Klimon Launches Five ‘No Dairy, No Difference’ Plant-based Dessert Pints 

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Klimon has debuted five flavors of 100% plant-based dairy-free frozen dessert pints at select Walmart locations in the United States, with a nationwide release in progress. Each “no dairy, no difference” offering utilizes a proprietary almond-based blend to capture the decadent texture and creaminess of traditional ice cream, without dairy inputs.

“We are so proud to be partnering with Walmart for the launch of our brand, and to continue to leave our mark on the plant-based food revolution,” said Alex Contraviwat, founder and chief executive officer of the Los Angeles, California-based Jaback Group, which developed the Klimon brand.

Brief descriptions of the products follow:

Morning Brew – Coffee flavored frozen dessert with real almonds and fudge swirl.

Caramel Brûlée – A salted caramel flavored treat with chocolate cookie crumbs & caramelized sugar swirl.

Cherry Bomb – Cherry flavored frozen dessert with real Bordeaux cherry chunks and cherry swirl.

Mint Condition – Mint flavored with mini chocolate chips and fudge swirl.

Sunrise Bang: Creamy orange flavored frozen dessert with cream flavored swirl.