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Korean BBQ Chicken Taquitos Roll into 7-Eleven Outlets Across USA

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The 7-Eleven convenience store chain in the United States has added a new fusion spin on its taquitos range by introducing the Korean BBQ Taquito featuring crispy flour tortillas filled with all-white meat chicken tossed in a sweet but tangy barbecue sauce. 

Promoted as “great for a quick lunch on the run or as a snack any time of day,” the product is now available for a limited time. It’s loaded with savory flavors like soy sauce, garlic, onion, toasted sesame oil, plus a hint of brown sugar, ginger and red pepper that deliver the traditional, sweet Korean BBQ taste with a hint of heat.

“We are always looking for adventurous ways to incorporate new flavors and food trends that will make 7-Eleven favorites even more crave-worthy. The Korean BBQ Taquito is just the latest in new flavors being introduced to excite our customers’ taste buds,” said Robin Murphy, the Irving, Texas-headquartered company’s product director.