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Langnese’s Kindereis Logo and “Fun Foods Meter” Provides Parents with Useful Ice Cream Information

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Germany’s Langnese has introduced a new logo in response to a study it commissioned on how German parents feel about sweets for their children. The Ipsos survey found that 72% of the parents had a bad conscience about it, but that their reaction varied greatly according to the type of sweet. They felt badly about chocolate bars (36%) and hard candy (25%), but were less worried about gumdrops (9%) and water ice (3%).

To make their purchase decisions easier Langnese has put the logo on the frozen desserts the company markets to children. It proclaims that the product meets strict criteria: child-sized portion and no more than110 calories, three grams of saturated fat and 20 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

Langnese has simultaneously compiled what it calls a “Fun Foods Meter,” a chart displayed at the point of sale giving the calorie counts of many ice creams, candies, pastries and other sweet goods. It shows, the company proclaims, that a chocolate-caramel candy bar has twice the calories of a Langnese Cuja Mara Split, and a croissant has three times those of the Langnese Flutschfinger. The logo appears on the packs of Flutschfinger, Twinni, Dino Candy, X-POP, Mini Milk und Mini Twister.