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Le Boucher Vert Meat Substitute Steak Sizzles at SIAL

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A frozen organic meat substitute product, Steaks et Boulettes de Légumineuses, won the coveted SIAL Innovation Gold Award presented during the food industry trade show in Paris that ran from October 16-20. Produced by Lyon, France-based Ici & La and sold under the Le Boucher Vert brand name, judges said that the retail item was selected for the top prize for its “healthiness and the pleasure of eating vegetables and pulses.”

sial gold winner 300Soy-free, rich in fiber and a good source of protein, the 100% vegetal product comes in four steak varieties: carrot and onion, green lentil, chickpea and flagolet bean. The wider range also offers ball-shaped treats made of the same ingredients.

Though the brand was launched just late last year, the company’s founders began experimenting with and creating faux meat concepts while still students back in 2013. The recipes combine lentils with carrots, onions, herbs and mint.

Consumers are advised to season the products with pepper sauce before pan-frying or oven cooking. Sautéed mushrooms or pommes frites may be added as a side dish to make a full meal.