McCain Mojo Working in Brazil with Emoji-shaped Emoticons

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From McCain Foods, which a generation or so ago brought delight to mealtime occasions for kids around the planet with fun-filled fluffy mashed potato Smiles, now come Emoji face treats for children of all ages. But thus far they are available only in Brazil.

Outback logo outbackFirst launched with success at Outback Steakhouse restaurants, pre-fried golden Emoticons are rolling into retail store freezer cases in 450-gram bags loaded with ideogram-fashioned novelty spuds in thumbs up, victory and/or peace sign, heart, smile, frown and other shapes familiar to the digital world of e-messengers.

mccain batatas emoticonsLike Smiles, Emoticons have proved to be a hit with both consumers and restaurant operators. Children and adults like the entertaining appearance and enjoy the flavorful taste, while restaurateurs are all smiles about the flexible preparation, menu versatility, plate coverage and merchandising opportunities that the specialty product projects.

“Emoticons make children’s meals even more fun, tasty and nutritious,” according to a statement from McCain’s Brazilian sales and marketing department. “Ideal to be baked in the oven, they complete an innovative product portfolio that only a trailblazer in offering pre-frozen chips can bring to the Brazilian consumer.”

outback batata sorriso