McDonald’s Popular Saucy McRib Sandwich Returning for Farewell Tour

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Get ready for the kickoff of yet another “farewell tour” in the United States, but this time it’s not the grand finale appearance of a rock band or pop singer.

After three straight years headlining McDonald’s nationwide menu each fall, the QSR chain’s marketing department insists its iconic McRib sandwich will begin making finale appearances at restaurants across the nation on October 31 for a limited run through November 20. But is it really a genuine “goodbye,” or are fast food devotees instead being “ribbed” with a “bon voyage” PR campaign for the popular sandwich? Many fans are no doubt hoping it more like a “See you Later” ruse.

Before the McRib takes its “final bow,” McDonald’s is paying homage by taking customers on a trip down memory lane with McRib’s “Greatest Hits.” Here is a partial list of the milestones achieved:

• McRib is Born – It all started in 1980, when the McD came up with a seasoned, boneless pork sensation, slathered in tangy barbecue sauce, topped with slivered onions and tart pickles served on a homestyle bun. That sandwich became the now-famous McRib.
• Mini and Me –  In 2003, McDonald’s introduced a mini version of this fan-favorite when the McRib Jr. entered the scene.
• 500 McRib Miles – The sandwich became so popular that in 2008, a super fan came up with the McRib Locator, a way to track where the product was available.
• The Future is McRib – In 2021, the McRib became a piece of American modern history for fans when McDonald’s USA created its first-ever NFT featuring digital versions of the McRib, praised as almost as saucy as the real deal.