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McDonald’s Sweetens Up Breakfast in America with New Baked Goods Line

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Wake up and smell the…cinnamon rolls! McDonald’s has announced that beginning on October 28 customers in the USA will be able to order its new Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin or Cinnamon Roll – and not only at breakfast time, but all day long.

The products will be offered alongside McCafé cookies and pies, marking the first addition of bakery items to the Chicago, Illinois-headquartered fast food restaurant chain’s core menu in over eight years.

“McDonald’s has been famous for our savory breakfast menu for almost fifty years,” said Linda VanGosen, vice president of brand and menu strategy for McDonald’s USA. “We’re continuing our breakfast innovation by adding tasty new sweet options with our new McCafé Bakery lineup.”

Descriptions of the products follow.

  • Apple Fritter: A classic fritter made with cinnamon and apples, this hand-held treat is fried to a golden brown and drizzled with a sweet glaze icing.
  • Blueberry Muffin: It’s baked with real blueberries and topped with a streusel crumb topping.
  • Cinnamon Roll: Served warm, it’s loaded with cinnamon layered between buttery, flaky pastry dough that is drizzled with a delicious cream cheese icing.

McDonald’s breakfast history began in 1971, when the Egg McMuffin rolled out in North America as the chain looked to tap into an away-from-home morning dining business that was largely the domain of diners, coffee shops, convenience stores and institutional foodservice operators. Over the years, the chain has continued to evolve its AM Menu by introducing breakfast burritos in 1991, McGriddles in 2003, and committing in 2015 to sourcing 100% cage-free eggs by 2025. Now, the legacy rolls on with the addition of the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin and Cinnamon Roll.

Ninety-five percent of McDonald’s approximately 14,000 restaurants in the United States are independently owned and operated. Among other baked goods items now on its menu are limited-time McCafé Donut Sticks.