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Three Multi-layered Ice Cream Cakes Latest Sweet Treats from Jars by Dani

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Jars by Dani, the brand known for colorful layers of dessert distributed in mason jars, has unveiled a trio of Ice Cream Cake innovations. The new offerings pair its popular sweet treat layers with cake and ice cream.

Jars by Dani started almost 10 years ago when founder Dani Beckerman came across a mason jar in a craft store and was driven to develop the next new dessert obsession. Aiming for “something delicious and beautiful, that looked as good as it tasted.” she experimented with recipes until successfully creating a signature line of layered desserts in jars.

This summer, Beckerman is at it again. Her Ice Cream Cakes come in colorful illustrative boxes designed to be seen so the contents are just as enticing on the outside as on the inside of the package. They can be served at a party, sliced for an anytime snack, or scooped like an ice cream sundae. What is not immediately consumed can go back into freezer and enjoyed later.

Three flavors are now available: Loaded Cookie, Cake Batter and Strawberry Shortcake. Each multi-layered cake is nut free and filled with tasty ingredients and signature layers from the well known original Jars range.

Loaded Cookie is packed with layers of chocolate chip vanilla cake, cookie dough ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, brownie batter, chocolate chunks, crumbled Oreo, fudge brownie chunks and whipped cream topped with cookie dough and mini chocolate chips.

Cake Batter is funfetti cake, vanilla ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, cake batter, chunks of sugar cookie, whipped cream and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Strawberry Shortcake features a classic barbie-pink core made up of pink vanilla cake, layered with vanilla ice cream, pink sprinkles, fresh strawberry filling and chunks of sugar cookie mixed with fluffy whipped cream. It’s topped with strawberry shortcake crumble for an indulgent finish.

Starting out as “just a fun idea,” Jars by Dani has turned into a full-fledged business selling over a million jars to date. Founded in 2013, the Long Island City, New York-headquartered company sells direct to consumers as well as and through partnerships with Microsoft, Talenti, & Good Humor.

“I couldn’t just create any new product,” said Beckerman. “The Jars are so unique that a new line had to match the inventiveness of the original. Not to mention, we’ve been crazy busy growing exponentially, year over year, over the last decade,” said Beckerman.