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Naegele Promoting Masdac Dorayaki Pancake Sandwich Machines in US

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Naegele Bakery Systems has added Masdac International’s pancake sandwich machines to its portfolio of bakery equipment. The machines produce dorayaki, a popular Japanese handheld pancake sandwich that comes in both sweet and savory varieties.

“Consumers today are on the lookout for unique flavors from around the world,” said Ken Hagedorn, the Alsip, Illinois-based company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Dorayaki, which is very popular in Japan and Europe, is poised to become a sensation in the United States. We believe that these pancake sandwiches are the ideal offering for bakery producers that want to capitalize on consumers’ constant cravings for new, innovative products.”

A complete pancake sandwich production line consists of six sections:

  • Dough depositor — high-accuracy dosing system with a stainless steel double-jacket water-cooled hopper
  • Flipper station — adjustable station for turning the pancakes
  • Aligning and reducing unit — unit to control and correct positioning and reduce the number of pancakes per row
  • Filling depositor — high-accuracy dosing and depositing system with a stainless steel hopper
  • Heat print and sandwiching unit — heat stamping unit to print logos or other characters onto the pancakes
  • Edge sealing unit — seal blocks to press the top and bottom pancakes together

The equipment is highly flexible, capable of producing pancakes that are filled or unfilled, semi sealed or fully sealed, and decorated or undecorated. The machines are fully automated, have a touch screen for easy operation, and come in four sizes to meet the needs of bakeries with different throughput requirements ranging from 850 to 2,400, 6,000 and up to 14,000 pieces per hour.

They’re also available in gas or electric versions. To learn more about what’s sure to be the next hot consumer trend in the bakery aisle, visit the Naegele website.