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Neon Penguin Debuts Spirited Ice Cream in United Kingdom

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Neon Penguin alcohol-infused ice creams and sorbets have been introduced in the United Kingdom by a company of the same name. Four flavors, each distributed in 500ml tubs and containing 4% alcohol by volume, are now available: Strawberry Daiquiri, Mint Mojito, Chocolate Martini and Zesty Lemon Drop.

Martin Vincent, managing director of the Great Yarmouth-headquartered ice cream maker, tapped into the talents of the Leeds-based creative agency Robot Food Ltd. to come up with a brand name as well as typography, a colorful logo and related art work to market his spiked frozen concoction line.


“This new range of boozy after dinner delights successfully combines real alcohol with luxurious ice cream. Focusing on the taste of bold cocktail favorites, we developed the brand name ‘Neon Penguin’ and a striking after-hours design to fit. The result is an identity and pack design that fuses indulgent adult cues, with a tongue in cheek playfulness that’s right on brand. Proof that dessert at home doesn’t have to be boring,” proclaims the agency on its website.

Quite pleased with the result, Vincent commented: “I knew I was onto a winner with the product, but Robot Food’s stellar execution demonstrates its point of difference in such an engaging way. I’m sure Neon Penguin will be a hit with adults of all ages.”