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New Forest Ice Cream Has Rhubarb & Ginger Flavor to Savor

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New Forest Ice Cream has extended its range of foodservice sector products with the addition of Rhubarb & Ginger ice cream. This latest offering combines an indulgent dairy rhubarb base with real pieces of stem ginger and a pink rhubarb ripple. The humble vegetable (yes, rhubarb is technically a vegetable) is most definitely making a comeback in popularity among consumers, so the Lymington, England-based producer is right on trend with this latest creation.

Rhubarb has captured the attention of chefs and customers alike, as they celebrate its distinctive flavor and versatility as an ingredient. Today, the cultivated plant is being used in everything from traditional crumbles and fresh salads to delicately infused gins and teas.

rhubarb ginger clotted cream 300The new Rhubarb & Ginger ice cream is balanced with the sweet tang from the rhubarb and slight fiery kick from the ginger, complementing many different desserts while delivering a completely new taste sensation. Positioned as a refreshing, seasonal treat for the summer, the product also serves as an addition to a whole host of winter warmer desserts, making it suitable for menus all year round. Free from artificial colors and flavorings, it is produced in the company’s nut free facility.

“We are pleased to introduce such a timeless flavor combination into our collection,” said Christina Veal, director of New Forest Ice Cream. “There has definitely been a rhubarb renaissance in recent years, and when combined with other ingredients, such as the vibrant notes of ginger, it creates a true marriage of flavors.”

Distributed in 4.75-liter tubs priced at £15.40, the ice cream may be scooped into cones, dished out on plates, or served as an accompaniment to other offerings on a dessert menu.