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Nuii Debuts Milk Chocolate & Italian Roasted Hazelnut Ice Cream Sticks

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Milk Chocolate & Italian Roasted Hazelnut is the latest addition to the Nuii line of indulgent ice cream sticks offered by Frioneri in the United Kingdom. Currently available exclusively at Asda, the product will soon roll out to other major retail stores across Britain. The suggested retail price is £4 (three-pack, 90g).
Featuring roasted Italian hazelnut and premium milk chocolate, the new flavor joins the brand’s established range of Caramel White Chocolate and Texan Pecan, Salted Caramel & Australian Macadamia and Dark Chocolate & Nordic Berry sticks.
“We’re excited to launch this flavor to the market as we believe it will be a strong contender in Nuii’s ice cream collection and will be loved by UK consumers, because of its indulgent flavors,” said Helen Sharp, brand manager.
As part of Nuii’s sustainability program, the cocoa is Rainforest Alliance certified and the new product is made with no palm oil ingredients. For 2023, Nuii will continue to support Wild Ark’s mission to protect as much habitat as possible for native wildlife, in particular koalas in Australia.