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Oumph! Burger Will Soon be Sizzling on the Front Burner

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This spring, Mjölby, Sweden-based Food for Progress will launch the Oumph! Burger. The premium, plant-based product will be showcased for the first time during the January 30-31 Fastfood & Café trade show at Kistamässan in Stockholm. Samples will be available to taste at the G:06 stand of Unibake/Korvbrödsbagaren.

190131 ffp graphic01“The Oumph! Burger is a burger for everyone who loves burgers,” said Henrik Åkerman, marketing director at Food for Progress. “When we created it, we took our inspiration from a juicy rare burger, but the difference is that the Oumph! Burger is made with entirely plant-based ingredients.”

Like all Oumph! brand products, the meatless fare is made with soya beans and its red color comes from beetroot. The burger weighs 113 grams, which is the equivalent of a quarter pounder. Oumph! Burgers will be distributed frozen in packs of 40 to foodservice operators, while for consumers the product will be sold in two-pack units. A smaller, 75-gram burger will also be available for foodservice customers.

The product is set to launch in all markets where Oumph! items are currently on sale, starting in Sweden where it will hit supermarkets during the first week of May. Before then the vegetarian alternative burger will be available from wholesalers and in a number of restaurant chain outlets.

The expanding Oumph! line, which runs the gamut from faux pulled pork chunks and spiced kebab strips to pizza and fajita components, is versatile and easy to cook by grilling, boiling, sautéing, deep-frying or heating over an open fire. All SKUs are high in protein and fiber, and offer a good source of iron and folic acid.