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Pan’Artisan Frozen Pizza Innovation Serves Up Quality Plus Convenience

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Pizza ranks as one of the most popular restaurant menu items in the United Kingdom, and industry statistics show product authenticity is a key factor in attracting repeat customers. Indeed, 63% of consumers agree that it’s worth paying more for Italian-style offerings that are made traditionally, according to Mintel’s “UK Pizza and Italian Restaurants Market Report 2022.”

“Caterers favor pizza for its versatility and popularity and as an effortlessly adaptable menu item. Innovation around frozen pizza products provides plenty of choice. A host of pizza base varieties and toppings can be chosen to suit dietary requirements, making it iso easy to offer an inclusive menu,” said Charlotte Perkins, commercial manager at Midhurst, West Sussex, England-based Pan’Artisan Ltd.

She added: “Our products are influenced by authentic Italian bakery. Regular trips to Italy provide insight and inspiration for new additions to the range, and we often utilize traditional Italian production methods to make our dough. As experts in providing dough-based goods to a variety of hospitality sectors, our offerings are distributed frozen, which further facilitates ease of use and assists in-kitchen management and portion control.”

The Pan’Artisan range has expanded recently to include two innovative products that address current consumer demand. Its Mini Pizza Pala Margherita offers a convenience-led menu option that is, well, handy for handheld eating. The product is rectangular in shape and serves up a generously sized single portion of authentic Italian pizza.

“And to answer the growing call for gluten-free menu additions, our newly launched Gluten Free Bases allow caterers to provide a premium quality option that draws on our Italian heritage, offering an incredibly light, fluffy textured pizza base for those following a gluten-free diet,” said Perkins.

The Mini Pizza Pala Margherita is stone-baked and ready-topped with Italian tomato sauce and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, which enables caterers to customize with additional toppings to extend choices on their menu.Ideal for eating in or while on the go, this rectangular-shaped pizza measures 22cm by 10cm. Simply defrost the product, which is shipped in cases containing 42 units, at room temperature until fully thawed. Then cook it at 200-220°C for approximately 6 to 8 minutes (depending on oven type used) until the base is crisp and the cheese is melted.

Pan’Artisan’s Gluten Free pizza bases, available in a 12” size, with 22 units per case, are made in the UK from a blend of premium Italian ingredients, including rice flour. They have a low salt content that is below the government guideline. These pizza bases simply need defrosting at room temperature until fully thawed before topping and baking at a recommended oven temperature of 330-350°C. Cooking times will vary depending on oven and toppings used.