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Pidy Extends Seasonal Themed Christmas Pastry Assortment

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With the temperature dropping in Europe and North America and chefs on both sides of the Atlantic now in the midst of Christmas menu planning, Ieper, Belgium-headquartered Pidy Gourmet is offering a star attraction to brighten up festive meal occasions. Its launch of the large star vol-au-vent makes for even greater flexibility in holiday cuisine art. The larger size offers a contemporary take on the dazzling canape and can be used to create attractive starters, main meals or even desserts.

As a global leader in the production of ready-to-fill pastry, Pidy provides an extensive range of vol-au-vents for all occasions, including a dedicated festive range. Its large star version of the retro chic treat combines both tradition and trendiness in equal measures. The vol-au-vents are ambient, Available in catering packs of 24, the vol-au-vents and are ready to fill with seasonal fillings. The indulgent buttery taste of Pidy’s puff pastry recipe complements sweet and savoury as well as hot and cold fillings.

“The unique shape and size of the vol-au-vent is sure to capture customers’ attention, while providing more space for delicious fillings,” said Fabien Levet, Pidy’s national account manager for foodservice in the United Kingdom. “With customers demanding seasonal ingredients and speciality products on a Christmas menu, this is the perfect addition to add that special festive touch.”

InspiRED Raspberry

Pidy raspMeanwhile, for those looking to add a bit more red sweetness to dessert or coffee klatch occasions, Pidy has expanded its Technipat frozen sponge sheet (jaconde) line with the addition of a raspberry flavor offering. Its versatile applications range from elegant layered cakes and decorative strips to individual desserts or even a classic Opera cake with a fruity twist.

“The deep red color of the new raspberry joconde sheet lends itself to the creation of attractive desserts that require impeccable intricacy and attention to detail,” said Levet.

The 580mm long x 380mm wide x .05mm thick sheets are stored frozen, therefore maintaining a shelf life of approximately 12 months. Distribution is in cases of 10. Once thawed the quality of the sponge is guaranteed for 48 hours.

About the Producer

Pidy, in business since 1967, is a Belgian family food business that specializes in puff pastry products such as vol-au-vents, sweet short crust tarts, fonçage tartlets, neutral short crust items, choux pastry and croustade cups in addition to sponge sheets. Products made at three production plants in Belgium, France and the USA are shipped to foodservice and retail customers in more than 50 countries around the world.