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Pleese Aims to Please with UK Retail Launch of Freezecakes’ Cheesecake

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It’s not ice cream, though packaging Frozen Cheesecake in tubs may lead shoppers to think it is at first glance. Upon closer inspection, consumers will read exactly what kind of sweet treat is and what is not inside the container.

Redhill, Surrey-based Pleese (previously known as Pleesecakes), is set to enter the UK retail market for the first time, securing two major national listings. The rollout to 650 Co-op stores will take place on March 20, followed by distribution to over 200 Waitrose outlets on April 17.

Co-op will initially launch with two flavors, Lemon & Raspberry and Butterscotch & Caramel. Waitrose will list the full range including Double Chocolate. The suggested retail price is £5 per 350-gram tub.

Freezecakes’ cheesecake recipe is made with at least 35% cream cheese and is free from palm oil. The creamy filling features crunchy biscuit pieces, with pockets of flavored sauces and toppings including chocolate flakes and raspberry pieces.

Pleese was founded in 2017 by painter-decorator turned cheesecake connoisseur Joe Moruzzi. On the back of his hugely popular dessert, he created the scoopable Freezecakes version that uses cream cheese instead of ice cream. The hand-potted frozen tubs officially launched in 2020 and were available to buy through the brand’s website. Three years on, recipes have been further developed, with the producer working in partnership with Icefresh Foods, part of the Poppies International Group, to support introduction to the mainstream retail sector. Further new listings are planned for 2023.

“We’re proud to finally see Freezecakes coming to the shelves in two of the UK’s leading supermarkets. This unique product brings the cheesecake into the 21st century by disrupting the dessert category,” said Moruzzi.

Gareth Brain, frozen buyer at Co-op, commented:  “Innovation, quality and value are key drivers for our members and customers in the frozen aisles, and we’re thrilled to be one of the first retailers to add the new Freezecakes to our range. The response to the product on social media has been incredible and we’re confident that they will land with impact in our convenience stores.”

Joe Sharkey, frozen desserts Buyer at Waitrose, added: “Freezecakes is a brilliant, disruptive idea. Our customers love cheesecake, and frozen desserts are growing in popularity, so we’re really excited to stock the full range of Pleese Freezecakes.”