‘PreDiGiorno’ Frozen Pizza Tackles Home Delivery Hassles

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Pizza has long been a fan favorite food to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday in the USA, as well as during other major sports events. However, slow pizza delivery services can interfere with consumer’s plans during the most important football faceoff of the season. Indeed, in 2014, pizza dominated food conversations, with 93% of nearly 40,000 pizza-related tweets during the big game focusing on excessive delivery wait times, according to research from DiGiorno, North America’s leading frozen pizza brand.

Pre-DIGIORNO-pizza---PreGiorno-Logo-90-1421168858MRThat’s why the Solon, Ohio-headquartered Nestlé USA company says it is helping party planners around the nation this year prepare to have the best game day party ever with its hot, fresh-baked and always-on-time DiGiorno pizza – a practice referred to as “PreGiorno.”

Forty-eight percent of consumers preparing for game day festivities cited food as a top party-planning stress factor last year, but tackling party prep doesn’t have to be hard. With a little pre-game shopping and easy-to-bake DiGiorno pizzas, the manufacturer says that they can leave game-day stress on the sidelines.

“We know that the main goal of any host is to throw a successful party, and that means preparing with a proper game plan,” said Todd Macsuga, director of marketing for Nestlé Pizza. “When you ‘PreGiorno’, you’re ready to serve DiGiorno pizzas baked up hot and fresh in your own oven.”


If there’s anyone who knows what it takes to prepare for Super Bowl Sunday on February 1, it’s football legend Terry Bradshaw. This season, the TV analyst will star in videos about how important it is to “PreGiorno” for game-day parties so hosts can be “ready for anything.” Fans can view the videos and learn more at

In anticipation of the big game, DiGiorno will also provide fans with around-the-clock party prep tips and “PreGiorno” advice on Twitter, as @DiGiornoPizza turns into the “PreGiorno” Tweetline from January 19-31.