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RevoPortioner Among Equipment at Meat ShowHow

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Townsend Further Processing will demonstrate its RevoPortioner during the Marel Meat ShowHow at Progress Point in Copenhagen, Denmark, on April 2. The new demonstration center, situated just five minutes by car from Copenhagen Airport, is designed to bring people together to experience the full potential of the company’s equipment and integrated systems in a hands-on environment.

In addition to the RevoPortioner, a wide assortment of food processing systems and solutions will be on display, ranging from deboning and trimming machines to marinating and steaking lines.

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The following month, on May 6 and 7, Townsend Further Processing will host a poultry portioning event at its fully-equipped DemoCenter in Boxmeer, Holland, where various production processes will be showcased, demonstrating different types of cutting-edge technology. On May 8, a fish portioning event will take place at the same venue.

townsend-logoThe RevoPortioner is designed to portion whole muscle meat into many natural shapes, while maintaining consistent size and weight. The employment of low pressure technology allows the retention of original whole muscle qualities, such as bite, structure and visual appeal, without any leakage or product loss.

Since conceptualizing and launching the RevoPortioner in 1999, engineers have amassed a vast amount of knowledge and research findings, taking the design from an innovative approach in portioning expertise to a range of machines that provide high-level efficiencies for further processors across the globe. There is now even a new 3D-drum available for the RevoPortioner, adding an extra dimension to portioning. It can make any products with a cylindrical shape, opening up new possibilities for food presentation.

The RevoPortioner range of equipment offers different belt widths up to 700mm to ensure that a wide variety of products can be created and the desired capacities.

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