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Saffron Road Spices Up Summer with Moroccan, Indian & Mexican Entrees

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Saffron Road Foods has added four recipes to its range of frozen entrees: Moroccan-Inspired Chicken & Potatoes, Coconut Cauliflower Curry, Chickpea Masala and Chicken Enchiladas Al Chipotle. In addition to Morocco, the dishes feature flavors of India and Mexico as well as Morocco.

The dishes are gluten free and, like all Saffron Road products, are halal-certified by IFANCA. Ready to serve after six minutes or less of microwaving, they sell for $5.99 each.

“We’re excited to introduce Morocco as the latest stop on our culinary journey, and bring our customers the vibrant, earthy flavors of North Africa. We’re very proud of these new entrees and their ability to deliver restaurant-quality global meals right from your freezer,” said Chef John Umlauf, senior vice president of culinary operations for the Stamford, Connecticut-based company.”

He added: “Our kitchens are held to the highest standards of culinary excellence, and our meals are prepared just like a restaurant with no shortcuts. We caramelize and deglaze the mirepoix and tomato paste, pan-roast the vegetables, and slow-simmer the sauces – all using authentic, wholesome ingredients native to the regions of each recipe.”

Descriptions of the new dishes follow:

Moroccan-Inspired Chicken & Potatoes (gluten free) – A nod to Northern Africa, this robust casserole of potatoes, peas, and white meat chicken is swirled with a roasted red pepper, tomato, and garlic sauce. It will launch at Kroger retail outlets in August.

Coconut Cauliflower Curry (vegan, gluten free) – This vegan combination of roasted cauliflower and white beans is served in a rich coconut cream curry and warming Indian spices. Now available at Giant Carlisle, Harris Teeter and Lowes, the product will be stocked at Kroger stores in August.

Chickpea Masala (vegan, gluten free) – The chickpeas and tomatoes are simmered in a blend of garlic, ginger and Indian spices and served with Basmati rice. The ready meal will be available at Kroger in August.

Chicken Enchiladas Al Chipotle (gluten free) – Roasted dark meat chicken, fire-roasted corn and Oaxaca cheese are hand-wrapped in nixtamal corn tortillas with a creamy chipotle sauce and served with black beans and rice to evoke the bold flavors of Mexico. Now available at Giant Carlisle, Hannaford, Lowes and Stop & Shop supermarkets, it will launch at Kroger in August.

According to SPINS/IRI data, in 2022 and the latest 2023 period, Saffron Road is the #1 single serve entrée brand in the Natural Animal Protein sector nationally.