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Sainsbury’s and Tesco List Birds Eye Salt & Pepper Chicken Goujons in UK

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Birds Eye in the United Kingdom is tapping into demand for stay-at home “fakeaway” products, a market that has has tripled in size during the last three years. The Nomad Foods frozen brand leader’s new Salt & Pepper Chicken Goujons should help maintain the momentum generated by its Chicken Shop sub-brand.

The launch of Birds Eye’s Chicken Shop Salt & Pepper Chicken Goujons, offered at £3 per 325g pack at Sainsbury’s and Tesco retail stores, comes as Brits say they are dining out 25% less than before the government-imposed lockdown during the height of the coronavirus health crisis. So with more people eating in, it stands to reason that folks will treat themselves more with “fakeaway” options to elevate their in-home experience, and perhaps on more occasions extend consumption of chicken beyond weekly meals and into the weekends.

“Our Chicken Shop range has been perfectly positioned to cater to shoppers’ demands for convenient and tasty takeaway-style chicken, which saw tremendous growth of +54% last year. With consumers continuing to spend more time at home over the last year, this launch provides us with the perfect opportunity to bring new shoppers to the brand,’’ said said Annalisa Fanali, marketing manager for Birds Eye Chicken.