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Taquitos Front and Center of Menu Del Sol’s Core Products Relaunch

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Menu Del Sol, a brand of Phoenix, Arizona-based Sigma US, is relaunching its range of frozen taquitos. And for good reason, as in recent years sales of frozen appetizers, entrees and snacks have registered significant growth.

“The frozen food category is ripe for innovation,” said Linda Rodriguez, Hispanic brands marketing director at the Sigma US unit of Monterey, Mexico-headquartered Signa Alimentos. ”Covid has taken at-home consumption to an all-time high, with frozen foods rising to the top of grocery lists for many households. Families especially want the reassurance that there’s always something in the house that’s fast and easy to prepare, tastes great and has the protein they want. Menu Del Sol is now positioned to fill that void with a vibrant brand and upcoming innovations that customers will be excited about.”

She continued: “According to market research from IRI, the taquito category is growing at twice the rate of frozen burritos. Consumers in North America are craving new experiences, and Menu Del Sol has drawn inspiration from its name (which translates from Spanish to English as The Sun’s Menu), to create a new mission: empower people to ‘Mex things up’ with customizable, quality frozen foods and innovations that deliver everything under the sun.”

The new Menu Del Sol offerings will be available in stores across the USA in May, starting with the brand’s core products (20-piece and 58-piece boxes of Beef Taquitos and Chicken Taquitos) and expanding soon thereafter with a number of new items.

About Sigma

Sigma Alimentos is a leading multinational company that produces, markets and distributes branded products ranging from frozen foods and packaged meats to cheese, yogurt and more. It operates 70 plants and 210 distribution centers in 18 countries across four key regions: Mexico, Europe, the United States and Latin America. In 2020, Sigma reported sales of US $6.347 billion and EBITDA of US $684 million.