TGI Fridays Big AF Burgers Stacked High with Fan-Favorite Appetizers

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TGI Fridays is taking menu indecision out of the equation with a new lineup that combines bigger-than-ever burgers with popular appetizers so customers never have to choose. Outlets of the Dallas, Texas-headquartered casual bar and grill chain throughout the United States are now offering the new Big AF Burgers menu, featuring five innovative offerings that don’t skimp on size or flavor.

The burgers start with a thick six-ounce patty seasoned with bold flavors. Each is char-broiled and then topped with one of Fridays’ signature appetizers and served with either a heaping double portion of french fries or a Southwest Potato Twists side dish. The lineup includes:

Buffalo Wingman Burger. Layered with pimento bleu cheese spread, Frank’s RedHot Buffalo sauce, spicy aioli, lettuce, tomato and onion, this handful is served with two sides of fries and two bone-in Buffalo Wings added on top to dial up the spice to new heights.

Fridays Signature Whiskey-Glaze Blaze Burger. Topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, spicy aioli, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato and onion, this burger is served with a double portion of fries and tender ribs coated in Fridays’ Signature Whiskey-Glaze Blaze atop the bun for a saucy bite with the right amount of kick.

Philly Cheesesteak Burger. Featuring a double side of fries; roast beef, warm queso, seasoned red and green bell peppers, onions and pickles are mixed with melted cheeses and a Philly Cheesesteak Egg Roll is skewered on top for a one-of-a-kind take on Philadelphia’s culinary staple.

Southwest Tornado Twists Burger. Loaded with spiral-cut Southwest Potato Twists on the side and under the bun, this menu pleaser is topped with warm queso, mixed cheeses, house-made pico de gallo, lettuce and spicy aioli for a tasty twist.

Nashville Hot Chicken with Fries. While fries come on the side, Cajun-spiced giant onion rings are stacked high atop this chicken sandwich with Nashville hot sauce, Ranch dressing, bacon, pickled jalapeños and cabbage mix for a cluckin’ good spin on the Nashville classic.

“As a brand that’s built around helping our fans celebrate all of life’s moments in a big way, we’re thrilled to be bringing even more fun to the table with our Big AF Burgers,” said Tiffany Wilburn, the chain’s vice president of marketing. “We’re always thinking about menu innovation and how we can create the best possible experience for our guests, and the new Big AF Burgers lineup is just one of the ways we are continuing to go bigger – literally and metaphorically.”

For over 50 years, Fridays has been in the business of lifting spirits around. Today it operates nearly 700 restaurants in 54 countries, serving up classic American food and iconic drinks backed by solid service.