These Shorts Look Cool and Keep Hot Pockets Warm and Toasty in Winter

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“Who Wears Short Shorts,” the Royal Teens rock and rollers from New Jersey asked back in 1957. Then James Brown, America’s “Godfather of Soul” and central progenitor of funk music belted out Hot Pants in 1971. And now Nestlé USA’s Hot Pockets “brings it home” as the Winter of 2022 approaches with the debut of Hot Pockets Shorts, complete with an insulated hot pocket to keep Hot Pockets sandwiches toasty.

The Solon, Ohio maker of the popular microwavable finger food product featuring combinations of cheese, meat or vegetables, issued the following fashion statement on November 29: “Everyone knows someone who is a year-round shins-in-the-wind shorts devotee – paying no mind to what the wind chill factor might caution. For those brave enough to battle the cold year-round, Hot Pockets is bringing the heat while keeping sandwiches warm with the new Hot Pockets inspired shorts.”

Each pair of these one-of-a-kind Hot Pockets Shorts features a literal hot pocket. It’s an insulated cargo pocket that keeps Hot Pockets sandwiches at the right temperature to enjoy when on the run.

The press release continues: “Might as well delete that weather app now. With Hot pockets Shorts, fans can look cool (or should we say, hot) on the snowiest school day, the coldest work morning or just when gaming with friends. Plus, with a Hot Pockets sandwich stored conveniently at arms’ length, they’ll be ready for whenever hunger strikes.”

Hot Pockets Shorts are paired with a matching hoodie, emblazoned with a fiery cartoon imploring fashion fans to “Stay Heated” – ensuring that winter short wearers look cool while their pockets stay hot.

These exclusive shorts were created in collaboration with Columbus Fashion Alliance (CFA), a coalition of creative types, entrepreneurs, civic partners, community, and industry leaders.

“Our team is driven by a passion for elevating up-and-coming fashion minds and celebrating unique ideas,” said CFA Director Yohannan Terrell. “Teaming up with Hot Pockets is an opportunity to highlight our creators and artists on a national scale, all while designing clothes that are both fashionable and functional.”

Ready to bare it all (below the knee)? Hot Pockets Shorts and hoodie will be available exclusively at PKTS.gg beginning on December 12. The set will be offered in sizes small through extra-large, in a men’s apparel cut. These limited-edition items are available at no cost while supplies last and will include a coupon redeemable for one Hot Pockets sandwich.