Time of the Seasoning for McCain Shake Shake Chips in Oz

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McCain Foods Australia aims to shake things up Down Under with the introduction of Shake Shake french fries, which are better know as chips in the Land of Oz. Three flavors are now available in 500-gram retail bags: Chicken, Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar.

The seasoning comes in sachets that consumers pour into the bag, shake vigorously and then empty the contents onto a baking tray. Twenty minutes in the oven and the fries, or chips if one prefers, are ready to serve.

“The new range is simply delicious, and our Shake Shake varieties are flavors that Australians know and love,” said Simone Formisano, McCain Foods product manager. “Snack-based dinners that can be enjoyed on the couch or shared around the coffee table are trending, so we wanted to create an easy-to-prepare and shareable product that promotes a social and stress-free eating experience with family and friends.”

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She continued: “We’ve always taken pride in our innovation in the frozen food category, and we have our fingers on the pulse of what’s trending in the broader food and FMCG market. We know that 95 per cent of frozen potato products are currently consumed side of plate as part of a main meal. We wanted to focus our newest release on making hot chips the hero of any meal rather than an add-on.”

In addition to potato products, McCain Foods Australia offers a wide assortment of frozen fare including vegetables, meals, pizza and snacks. The company produces products at factories in Ballarat (Victoria), Lisarow (New South Wales) and Smithton (Tasmania).