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Tipiak Unveils Vegan Cocktail Selection of Thaw and Serve Canapés

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French pâtissier Tipiak has debuted Vegan Cocktail Selection in the United Kingdom foodservice market. Launching exclusively in Britain in response to increasing consumer demand for plant-based products, the frozen product features a luxury range of bite-sized vegan-friendly pieces.

The finger food assortment includes almond cream and edamame bean on pea and mint muffins, carrot, lemon and ginger mousseline mini tarts, sesame hummus and courgette tagliatelle on courgette and pine nut shortbread, sun-dried cherry tomato and olive tapenade on curry polenta cubes, guacamole and almond on walnut crackers, piquillo and sweet pepper tomato tarts, and falafel bites topped with sesame seeds.

Produced and hand-finished in France, the thaw and serve Vegan Cocktail Selection is available exclusively via distributor Central Foods and complements Tipiak’s existing range of savory canapés already available in the UK.

It brings together a superb range of flavors to create a selection that is convenient for bars, clubs, hotels and other outlets to serve as accompaniments to drinks any time of day, during happy hour, with aperitifs or as hors d’oeuvres at functions and events – or even as canapés at weddings, banquets, graduations and other occasions once Covid-19 prohibitions are safely lifted and life resumes normalcy in a post-pandemic social environment, or at least semi-normality with the easing of group gathering restrictions.

“The new Tipiak Vegan Cocktail selection is a world first for us, bringing something unique to the table,” said Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé, international development project manager at Tipiak, which supplies a variety of frozen, authentic French sweet and savory pâtisserie to the British hospitality sector.

She added: “The demand for vegan-friendly products among foodservice operators and interest in plant-based items generally has grown enormously in the UK in recent times. Our new selection has been especially developed by in-house chefs, bringing together the finest ingredients and flavors to create a truly exquisite explosion of plant-based color and flavor that has to be eaten to be believed!”

Tipiak has been supplying canapés in the UK since 2009, building up a solid reputation among chefs for their eye appealing hand-finished presentation and sophisticated, pleasing taste profiles.

The Vegan Cocktail Selection is packed in new gold-colored cardboard trays that are 100% recyclable. Composed of more than 50% cellulosic fiber, which come from plant cell walls and are biodegradable, the packaging is regarded as “paper carton” – meaning it is made of paper but not lined with plastic or aluminum, like traditional cartons.

Each Vegan Cocktail Selection box contains 36 pieces across seven different varieties. For maximum convenience, foodservice staff may remove the canapés from their box and arrange on a platter, stand or serving tray; the leave them for four hours in the refrigerator to defrost, plus 30 minutes at room temperature before serving.