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Yasso Projects Vibrant New Look With Packaging and Logo Refresh

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Yasso, the frozen Greek yogurt brand and #4 novelty brand in the United States, has unveiled new packaging featuring a bold, upgraded design with a more prominent and distinct logo.

Expanding across the Boulder, Colorado-headquartered producer’s entire portfolio of bars, sandwiches, chocolate coated bars, poppables and mochi, the packaging features food photography spotlighting the brand’s flavors and utilizes an eye-catching color system to unify innovation platforms. Also refreshed was the Yasso logo, which is now encased in an electric, dripping blue at the top of all cartons creating an easily identifiable brand block on shelf.

“The brand has gone through an incredible evolution over the last 10 years and we believe that this creative redesign is going to have a significant impact in retail,” said CEO Craig Shiesley. “The cohesive creative strategy across both our core bar business and our innovation platforms will drive brand recognition for new and existing users and make Yasso a standout choice within the category.”

Since launching in 2011 with frozen greek yogurt bars, the company “has grown to become a leader in delivering permissible indulgence for consumers looking for frozen snacks that provide incredible taste and quality nutrition,” added Shiesley. The brand will reach $200 million in annual retail sales this summer and continues to outpace the competition in both the better-for-you and traditional ice cream and novelty categories.

Yasso’s assortment of 11 flavors is available at retail stores across the USA, as well as online.