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Brioche Pasquier Goes Nuts with Le Praliné Entremets

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Le Praliné Entremets is a new defrost-and-slice layered dessert from Brioche Pasquier that serves up silky, crispy, smooth, crunchy and airy all at once. The sweet treat is presented as a provocative mix of flavor and texture dressed up in a snowy white coat of meringue and Chantilly cream and, according to the Les Cerqueux, France-based producer, “is deliciously chic, thoroughly French and really rather naughty.”
However, as well as being rich and creamy, the delectable dessert also has pared back Parisian flair and sophistication. It is not designed to be eaten in large pudding-size portions, but in elegantly slim slices or individual bites, which showcase the expert pâtisserie skills and flavors for which Brioche Pasquier has become known.
“The Le Praline is our first nut-based entremets offering,” said Foodservice Sales Manager Jon Turonnet. “Following on from the success of our various chocolate entremets, and the popular Macaron Vanille Framboise Entremets, we decided that a praline version would add a new dimension to the range. It comes in an 800-gram layered bar that is easy to slice into 12 to 48 portions depending on the size required, so is ideal for events as well as restaurants.”
The product is made with five distinctive layers – smooth almond sponge, crispy hazelnut feuilletine, silky praline hazelnut mousse, airy meringue and Chantilly cream, crunchy caramelized hazelnuts and a light dusting of cocoa powder. The result is a combination of pleasing texture, flavor and precise decoration.
“Our desserts are made with finesse and skill using the finest ingredients by our expert pâtissiers in France,” assured Turonnet. “The results are a more refined style of dessert that offers intense flavours, precisely baked and beautifully presented. This type of sophisticated dessert fits perfectly with contemporary dining styles.”
The latest Brioche Pasquier offering is free from artificial colors and flavors and contains no palm oil or preservatives. It may be garnished with a sprinkling of hazelnuts, a cape gooseberry or a few dark berries to add a personal touch.