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Central Foods Rolls Out KaterBake Mini Muffins, Doughnuts

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Northamptonshire, England-based frozen food distributor Central Foods has launched five new bite-size baked products in response to increasing demand for smaller, indulgent sweet treats in the United Kingdom. The KaterBake range includes mini doughnut balls and mini filled muffins.

“Consumers love to treat themselves, but there’s a growing awareness of health which is leading to a rise in popularity of smaller portions and products,” said Gordon Lauder, Central Foods’ managing director. “The five new KaterBake products are small in size but big on taste – providing all the indulgence, but without the guilt. They are perfect accompaniments to a hot drink or as a morning or afternoon snack, as well as being ideal items to present as part of a selection of take-out treats.”

chocolate hazelnut filled mini muffins from Central FoodsThe mini muffins, suitable for vegetarians, feature apple and cinnamon as well as chocolate hazelnut fillings. Also offered are mini jam filled doughnut balls, mini chocolate doughnut balls and mini sugared doughnut balls.

The 26-gram muffins have a defrosted shelf life of two days and are supplied in packs of 42 units. The chocolate hazelnut filled mini muffins feature chocolate chips, a chocolate hazelnut filling and crumble topping. The apple and cinnamon filled mini muffins contain apples pieces, an apple puree filling and crumble topping.

The 19-gram mini sugared doughnut balls are made from soft butter dough. The 25-gram mini jam filled doughnut balls feature a fruit jam filling (raspberry, blueberry and blackberry), and the 25-gram mini chocolate doughnut balls contain a chocolate filling and are sprinkled with snow sugar. All three have a defrosted shelf life of three days and are available in packs of 70.

apple and cinnamon filled mini muffins“Muffins fit really well with a number of current food-to-go trends,” said Gordon. “We know that out-of-home demand for breakfast and brunch has been increasing, but also that the lines between traditional meal times have been blurring, so consumers are eating baked goods throughout the day. We also know that many consumers are looking at ways to still indulge, but without the guilt associated with larger portions. In addition, the trend to share snacks is on the rise, and these mini baked goods are perfect items to offer as a selection at a counter. They can be popped into a bag to take out, as well as to eat in.”