Chili’s Scales New Heights with Boss Burger Introduction

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Folks do things big in Texas, as is evidenced in abundance once again with the Boss Burger debut from Dallas-headquartered Chili’s Grill & Bar. After testing the mighty meat sandwich in several locations for a month or so, what must be the ultimate in super-sized burgers is now on the menu at the casual restaurant chain’s outlets across the USA.

chilisbossThe nearly half-foot tall feast features five meats stacked with other ingredients including cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and ranch barbecue sauce into one massive meal that sells for $14.99.

Chief Marketing Officer Steve Provost explained the “big thinking” behind management’s monumental decision launch the product:

“When we look at what truly made Chili’s famous, we always come back to the same thing – burgers, ribs and fajitas. Chili’s was the original gourmet burger concept back when we opened our doors on Greenville Avenue in Dallas in 1975. America’s love of burgers has never waned, but the bar for an exceptional burger keeps getting higher and higher. Well, at almost half a foot tall – and with bacon and rib meat and sausage and brisket stacked on top of our one half pound of burger meat – it’s hard to get any higher than The Boss.”

Okay. But what’s the calorie count?

“All in, from bun to bun, you’re looking at 1,650 calories total,” said Provost. “This burger is a meal in itself and for some it can be lunch the next day. If you have the courage to ‘conquer The Boss,’ there are two options – gather your closest friends and family to share this beast of a burger; or, if you’re feeling particularly saucy and are up to the #ChilisBoss challenge, then you can try to conquer this thing in one sitting on your own. We’ve been letting our Guests decide.”

For the record, the US government’s recommended daily intake of calories for many adults is approximately 2,000. Guess that means that a diet soft drink or bottle of water to wash down the meal may be in order.

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