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Cookies Crown Erlenbacher’s New American Cakery Products

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What do brownies and cheesecakes have in common? Well, how about cookies?

That’s the way it is with new products in the “American Cakery” range from Erlenbacher Backwaren GmbH. The line gets its inspiration from the USA, and the popularity of such offerings is very much a current trend in Europe.

The Gross-Gerau, Germany-based frozen bakery products specialist is expanding its American-style baked goods portfolio with the introduction of Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Supreme and Cookies & Cream Brownie. What is special is that the new cookie creations are topped with pieces of crispy cocoa sandwich cookies.

American Cakery groupA study by German market research institute GfK revealed that sales of brownies rose by 25.5% a year from 2015 to 2017. So the time is right for blondie, the third cookie in the line, to be just as popular among cake fans as its brownie counterpart. After all, the Maple Walnuts Blondie is a genuine brownie – just that it’s blonde.

Here’s an overview of the latest American cake offerings:

Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Supreme

This real “dream team” of cookies, cream and cheesecake combines to deliver an extraordinary taste experience.

“A creamy cheesecake supreme mixture nestles on top of a dark crumbled biscuit base. Completed to perfection with a shower of crispy chocolate cookies, it’s a dream of a cake,” said Babette Schmidt, head of communications at Erlenbacher.

Cookies & Cream Brownie

“So juicy, so creamy and so crispy – this is what the Cookies & Cream Brownie is all about,” added Schmidt. “Featuring a chocolaty sponge and a scrumptious vanilla cream, topped with crispy crumbed chocolate biscuits and little chocolate curls, this brownie enjoyment at its best is a ‘must-eat’ for those with a passion for chocolate.”

Maple Walnuts Blondie

“With the new Maple Walnuts Blondie, our classic chocolate brownie is actually getting an addition to the family,” said Schmidt. “It features juicy sponge with white chocolate, amber-colored maple syrup from Canada, and crunchy walnuts. Garnished with fine fondant threads and crispy-sweet walnut crumb, this treat tastes good and looks good too.”

As is the case with all cakes made by the Nestlé company, Erlenbacher’s “American Cakery” products are free of declarable additives and contain no fake flavors, artificial colorants or added hydrogenated fats and oils.