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David Lancaster Assumes Helm as CEO of Stavis Seafoods in Boston

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The Profand Group has announced that David Lancaster has been promoted to position of chief executive officer of Boston, Massachusetts-based Stavis Seafoods. The industry veteran and former owner and operator of Interbay Seafoods, has served as president of Stavis for the past year, after initially coming on board as its vice president of sales in March of 2020.

As chief executive officer, Lancaster is charged with continuing to drive growth, strengthen system efficiencies and execution, expand brand reach, and increase the company’s customer base and product development in a changing marketplace where e-commence will be ramped up in 2022..

“During his time as president, David has proven to be a capable leader navigating uncertain times and capitalizing on new opportunities. Fostering an environment of positivity and collaboration he has led Stavis to exceed goals, directly leading to increased margins and growth with new opportunities,” said Enrique Garcia, chief executive officer of the Profand Group.

With facilities on five continents, the vertically integrated fishing and processing seafood company distribution capabilities around the world and the flexibility to procure a wide variety of seafood from multiple locations, as well as maintain a steady inventory of fishery products at all times. In order to handle sales spikes, it inventories millions of pounds of frozen and fresh seafood in the United States that is ready to ship to customers on demand.

Founded in 1929 as Ipswich Clam Company, today Stavis Seafood offers a wide variety of popular heat-and-eat frozen seafood items including meals, sea bass, flounder, halibut, tuna and salmon portions, shrimp and crabmeat. It also sells family packs and the kind of bulk packs that consumers have increasingly stock their freezers and refrigerators with during the coronavirus pandemic.