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Funnybones’ Royal Annoucement May Well Tickle Your Fancy

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Funnybones Foodservice has announced the arrival of Kir Royal Cheesecake. The new product is presented in the British market as “a dessert with class that is posh enough to grace any banquet and brings together the fabulous flavors of Crème de Cassis, blackcurrant and Prosecco.”

This is a grown-up, sophisticated dessert based on a lighter, more contemporary version of classic American-style cheesecake. What sets its apart is the addition of the swanky French Kir Royale cocktail, creating a pleasant combination of sweet and sharp flavors.

Kir Royal CheesecakeLandscapemidA traditional Kir Royale boasts a measure of rich ruby red Crème de Cassis, which is a liqueur made from blackcurrants, topped up with Champagne. Funnybones’ cheesecake features a gluten-free biscuit base with a layer of blackcurrant cheesecake, followed by a layer of Prosecco cheesecake speckled with vibrant passion fruit seeds and a Crème de Cassis glaze.

This brings together all the flavors of the cocktail in a creamy, crunchy medley of texture and taste concocted to delight the diner. Intense flavor, varied layers and vibrant color are combined to make it a real show stopper of a treat.

“We are proud of this new dessert, which is spot on current sweet trends,” said Tom Styman-Heighton, development chef at Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK-based Funnybones Foodservice. “There is a demand for traditional desserts reinvented in a fresh new way, and also a fashion for puddings with a splash of alcohol.”

He continued: “There’s lots of scope with this product – elegant enough to grace a wedding or any big event, and ideal for a café or restaurant dessert, it could also be cut into small portions and served as an addition to an afternoon tea, or as a mini-dessert alongside a coffee. A truly celebratory occasion will be created by offering a Kir Royale cocktail to accompany the dessert.”

The Kir Royal Cheesecake arrives frozen, and is pre-portioned into 12 slices. It needs only defrosting before serving, but the addition of a few blackcurrants or blackberries would make a pretty garnish.

Funnybones Foodservice is a unit of Grace Foods UK, which is owned by the largest Jamaican food distributor in the world, the Kingston-headquartered GraceKennedy Group. The company specializes in Caribbean, American and Tex-Mex offerings.