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GEA Bock HGX44e CO2 Delivers Enhanced Compressor Efficiency

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The new GEA Bock HGX44e CO2 generation of subcritical compressors for the natural refrigerant carbon dioxide (R744) sets a milestone, especially for industrial low temperature applications in coldstores and in the food industry, according to the Düsseldorf, Germany-headquartered GEA Group.

The main advantage for the user is a minimum six percent higher CO2 compressor efficiency compared to customary compressors on the market.

“This allows operating costs to be significantly reduced,” said Manuel Fröschle, natural refrigerants product manager at GEA Bock GmbH in Frickenhausen, Germany. “Our new series, which has been successfully launched on the market, scores points with customers above all through improved process efficiency with minimized energy costs, while at the same time expanding the range of applications and uses. And all this with the highest reliability thanks to our proven GEA Bock CO2 compressor design”.

The world premiere with simultaneous market launches of the subcritical CO2 compressors took place at GEA Bock’s trade fair appearance during the EuroShop 2020 exhibition this February in Düsseldorf.

The °Clever Art of Cooling – Advantages and Benefits that Set Standards

In addition to the significantly higher compressor efficiency, the new HGX44e CO2 series with its four model variants sets further standards for subcritical CO2 compressors. These include extended operating conditions, e.g. optimized hot gas defrosting and an extended frequency and temperature range with evaporating temperatures from -50 to -15°C and condensing temperatures up to +15°C, adapted maximum permissible operating pressure (LP/HP 30/55 bar) and a performance spectrum with swept volumes from 27.7 to 49.2 m3/h (50 Hz), and corresponding refrigerating capacity from 51 to 90 kW.

In addition, the refrigeration and air-conditioning specialists from Frickenhausen have optimized the running characteristics of the new compressors. Minimized noise, vibrations and pulsations ensure a high level of user comfort as well as a high level of system safety and reliability with minimized maintenance requirements.

“Our HGX44e compressors for the natural refrigerant CO2 offer planners, investors and operators’ clever solutions for industrial low temperature applications where functionality, cost-effectiveness and climate protection go hand in hand. We call this The °Clever Art of Cooling,” said Fröschle.