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GEA Remote Support Offers Expert Technical Assistance in Real Time

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With global spread of the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic now affecting more than 200 countries, people are increasingly faced with travel restrictions and quarantine challenges, which includes the reduction of direct contact between employees and service providers. In an organized effort to enable immediate expert assistance for GEA food processing equipment and systems users during the Covid-19 crisis without putting people’s lives at risk, the Düsseldorf, Germany-headquartered company now offers a special remote support solution that is relatively easy to set up.

GEA Remote Support is a service that provides real-time streaming with experts. While on location in production plants, customers can use a commercially available mobile device to connect and communicate directly with GEA technicians to solve problems. With just two elements, a mobile device and internet access, clients can initiate a session by receiving a short email or SMS containing a secure link, followed by a video conversation, with the option to share high-resolution imagery back and forth, send descriptions and instructions via the chat function or take and share notes during the conversation. All of this is possible without the customer having to install a new application.

GEA Remote Eye Wear

The remote support solution is based on existing GEA Remote Eye Wear technology, offering customers further possibilities for machine maintenance. The specially designed glasses, which include an integrated high-resolution camera and reliable microphone, allows for hands-free remote support, offering several bidirectional functions. By projecting images onto the GEA Remote Eye Wear screen, repairs, process optimizations or inspections can be carried out immediately. This solution is currently available as part of the GEA Service Level Agreement (SLA), however, customers will be able to purchase a stand-alone unit as part of a premium service package in the near future.

Customers, who require GEA Remote Support can find their local GEA contact for this immediate support here: GEA worldwide.