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Get Maine Lobster Contributes to Fresh Start Surgical Gifts Campaign

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Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, a San Diego, California-headquartered nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of children with physical deformities through reconstructive surgery, kicked off a partnership with Get Maine Lobster  on November 28 that will extend through the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

Based at the historic 48 Union Wharf in Portland, Get Maine Lobster produces a wild-caught product line that is distributed in in flash-frozen, fresh and live formats. On “Giving Tuesday” and beyond, the company will be giving back to Fresh Start by donating five percent of specific online sales. Visitors to its website will see an icon associated with Fresh Start that can be clicked to allocate financial support for the charity. Upon making a purchase, Get Maine Lobster will make the donation at no additional cost for the customer.

“Teaming up with Get Maine Lobster is such an amazing opportunity for us,” stated Shari Brasher, chief executive officer of Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. “Our mission is all about transforming the lives of children in need of life changing care, and this partnership is taking us another step forward in that journey.”

The goal of this campaign is to encourage monthly giving, with options for Get Maine Lobster’s customers to allocate a percentage of their purchase donated on every transaction.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Fresh Start, a collaboration where a little indulgence meets making a big difference,” said Mark Murrell, Get Maine Lobster founder and chief executive officer. “With every purchase our customers not only can savor the exquisite taste of Maine’s finest lobsters, but also contribute to a wave of positive change. Together, we’re not just sharing the bounty of the sea, but also fostering a tide of generosity and hope.”

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is committed to transforming the lives of disadvantaged youth with physical deformities by providing comprehensive reconstructive surgery at no cost to the patient and their family. Medical professionals generously donate their time and talent to deliver much needed care, and 100 percent of all financial contributions go directly toward the patients. Every dollar contributed allows Fresh Start to gift five dollars in medical services.

Since 1991, Fresh Start has helped 9,017 children and has expanded into multiple regions throughout the United States. In addition to it headquarters in San Diego, Fresh Start has offices in Chicago, San Antonio and Costa Rica, working together with Sanford Health, PediaClinic and Hospital Metropolitano.

For more information about Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, visit https://www.FreshStart.org/. To check out Get Maine Lobster’s offerings and support Fresh Start, visit GetMaineLobster.com.