Green Boy Introduces Plant-Meat Protein Ingredient to Food Processors

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The Green Boy Group has launched Plant-Meat Protein, a non-GMO, organic and functional protein powder promoted to enhance mouth feel, boost nutritional properties and enlarge the textured aspects of plant-based alterative meat products.

The product is being marketed to value-added food makers for the manufacture of plant-based faux meat products such as burgers, nuggets and sausages, but also offered for the to production of textured plant-based proteins (TPP) in the form of crisps or granules. Plant-Meat Protein comes in four varieties made from peas, mung beans, fava beans and chickpeas.

“We are beyond excited to have launched Plant-Meat Protein because of the rapidly growing demand from consumers. We already supply leading brands in the plant-based meat industry, and with this product we hope to enlarge our footprint in North America and Europe and make it more readily available to food manufacturers who are looking for the next generation of plant-based proteins,” said Peter van Dijken, co-founder of the Amsterdam and Los Angeles-based Green Boy Group (seen at left in photo above), which began operations in August of 2016

“This market is evolving with lightning speed and plant-based meat products made with vital wheat gluten or soy protein are not as popular due to allergy concerns along with whey and casein proteins, as they are of dairy origin,” added Frederik Otten, fellow co-founder of Green Boy Group (pictured at right in above photo). “We offer a line of more functional, sustainable and healthier plant-based proteins.”